Top Five Things To Look For When Hiring A Photographer And Videographer/ Cinematographer

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Top Five Things To Look For When Hiring A Photographer and Videographer Cinematographer.

If you are looking to captivate your audience and boost the growth of your business, consider creating stunning visual content for your brand. Photos and videos are currently the most appealing form of visual content and have proved to stimulate online growth and engagement.

While you can cut down costs by creating photo and video content on your own, you may be unable to get the desired image or video shot needed to distinguish your brand and stand out from the competition. Therefore, it is best to seek assistance from a professional photographer and videographer to work with you through the entire process from the initial idea to the finished product. However, with many claiming to be the best, it can be difficult to find and select a qualified expert, who can deliver top-quality content. To help you navigate through your options and make the right choice, we have provided a list of the top five things to look for when hiring a photographer and videographer. 

1. Knowledgeable and can fulfill your vision
Taking a great photograph or video is influenced by several factors, including location, scene structure, lighting, focal point, depth of field, composition, background, exposure, timing, and lens selection. A professional does not just simply turn up and shoot random objects without a clear understanding of what you are looking to accomplish and a vision for the end result. Ensure that the photographer and videographer you hire not only has the knowledge and experience, but they clearly understand your project requirements and goals so they can deliver exactly what you need.   

2. Planning and structuring
Photography and videography work has to be carefully planned and structured to deliver the best results for your project. Whether it is a video or photography, every shoot should start with a simple conversation, an understanding of what you are looking for, leveraging the creativity and experience of the photographer and videographer, and then turning that “idea” into the final product. Look for a photographer and videographer who can plan and structure their shoot effectively.

3. Attention to detail and equipment
Attention to detail and equipment used are key to ensuring you find the best photographer and videographer. Enlist the services of a photographer and videographer who continues to invest heavily in their equipment, skills, software, and their people. 

4. Past experience
Discuss and review the photographer and videographers past experience and portfolio, have them provide examples of the types of projects they have been involved with, including any customer references and testimonials. This will help demonstrate not only the quality of their work but their creativity and experience. Ask your prospective photographer and videographer to show you some of the work they have done for other clients and speak to some of those clients who’s projects closely align to what you are looking for.

5. Workflow 
Ensure that the professional you plan on hiring guarantees a smooth workflow and process around each stage of your project, from the initial project discussion, pre-shoot, shoot, post-production, and final delivery. If they offer online viewing through a secure personal gallery, where images and videos can be reviewed, downloaded, or purchased for print, then it’s a bonus. 

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