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During these challenging and uncertain times caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, most of the population have come to depend on the internet to view product information, perform research, reviews, and ultimately make purchases. This trend has required businesses and brands to go that extra mile to make their online presence more interactive and engaging, to provide a new level of buying experience, to secure an audience, and ensure they can continue to grow their business.

If you’re an online business that is possibly struggling to capture and retain new clients, perhaps you’re looking to keep up with your competition and the needs of your target market, but unsure where to start and what area to focus on, let us help you. Besides creating an online presence, you also need to produce and present interactive and engaging content to help potential buyers make better-informed decisions as to why your product or service is superior to others in today’s virtual market, to capture and retain those vital customers.

Depending on the business you own and the type of products or services you provide, you can choose from a broad range of interactive content options which drive buyer engagement such as interactive virtual tours of your business, restaurant, store or property listing, live online collaboration with potential buyers through live guided tours, creation of short promotional videos or product reviews and of course stunning photographs that capture the attention of your potential buyer.

How you portray your business services or products is critical in helping your web visitor become a new client and retain them as a customer long-term. Research has shown that a potential buyer will invest significant time researching online to find the product or service they need, sometimes without ever picking up the phone. They have already made their purchase decision, you have to stand out from your competition, or you won’t survive in this ever-changing and new business landscape.

To compete, you have to produce high-quality product photos, virtual tours of your offices or facility, engaging promotional videos, infomercials, combined with a proven agile marketing strategy and campaigns to attract new customers and clients, it doesn’t come down to simply having a website anymore, multi-faceted digital media is key for 2020 and will become the norm well into the future. As we have seen, from the clients we work with, including engaging content into your website or social media will drive not only, higher traffic to your business, but significantly shorten your sales cycle, thereby accelerating your business growth. And, with the right marketing strategy, you will start closing more sales.

Our project costs usually vary depending on the type of service we are delivering and the length of a project. We have completed smaller projects in two days to one week, while other larger projects take anywhere from two weeks to a month or more, depending on what you are looking to accomplish. We provide everything from the initial storyboard creation and scripts, location review, video, photography and drone aerial media shoot, post-production, and final media delivery. In some cases, we also have an open contract with our clients to serve them better, delivering on-demand content when they need it based on a six or twelve months rolling contract.

For assistance with your project requirements, feel free to reach out to the digital experts at LogicWorx Studios Inc. We work with local businesses that want to generate more leads, inquiries, and sales through the creation of stunning content, photographs, promotional videos, infomercials, product interviews, and virtual tours. By leveraging our photography, videography, and marketing experience, which spans more than a decade, we can help put the right content and strategy in place to deliver a new digital presence online, enhance your existing one, or rebrand to take your business in a new direction and focus.

We are happy to discuss our approach and experience with you while sharing examples of other work we have done that’s similar to your project. Moreover, our team will be thrilled to help you shape your ideas into engaging digital content that drives results. We customize all our services to your specific project requirements and budget. LogicWorx Studios are one of the few independent corporations that offer both the marketing and branding from the initial idea to finished product. To interact with our team, and learn more about the services we provide, give us a call at (289) 752-7031 or email us at info@logicworxstudios.com