Common Mistakes People Make When Hiring A Photographer Or Videographer

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Today, with the availability of high-grade camera technology, most individuals assume they no longer need an experienced photographer or videographer to capture their photographs and videos. However, the experience and magic of great photography doesn’t lie in just the equipment. The expertise and skill of the person behind the lens is what makes the difference, their creativity, experience, and attention to detail should also be considered.

Unfortunately, many fail to consider this fact and choose their photographers and videographers based on the lowest price or how they portray themselves online, sometimes with incorrect and misleading information. This can lead to a bad experience, a waste of your money and the potential of re-hiring a professional to re-shoot the photographs or video. To help you avoid errors like these, which could prove costly, LogicWorx Studios Inc. has put together a brief list of the most common mistakes we have seen people make when researching a photographer or videographer to hire.

1. Hiring the cheapest and most inexperienced photographer or videographer
We often hear about customers who hired an “economical” or “cheaper” photographer or videographer for their shoot and were dissatisfied with the results. Choosing cheap and inexperienced photographers or videographers only ends in having to re-pay a professional to redo everything correctly, the way you wanted it done in the first place, simply, you pay for what you get! Be sure to check their experience, ask to see their portfolio and speak to some of their past clients about the experience they had with the photographer or videographer. We find this helps to verify why their prices are lower than others in the industry and whether or not it is worth taking the risk to hire them.

2. Settling for a “mobile photographer or videographer”
Enlisting a photographer or videographer that takes pictures or videos with their mobile phone does not equate to professional output, and trust us, we have seen this first hand, photographers that use mainstream equipment or mediocre cameras that most people purchase for holiday photography, doesn’t make them a professional. Granted, the use of more compact equipment like a cellphone could reduce costs, but the results won’t be anywhere near the quality and resolution you would require when taken with professional-grade equipment. Instead of focusing on cheaper services, try creating a clear vision of what you are looking to accomplish and what your expectations are for the shoot. Then find a photographer that aligns to that vision, for example, you don’t hire a baby photographer if you want beautiful landscape photography, or hire a photographer that only does portraits, when you need product shots. A professional photographer offers a limited number of services specific to what they do best and their experience and skills shouldn’t end with just taking the photo or video, you want a photographer or videographer that has extensive experience in post-production, editing, re-touching and enhancing of photos and video to deliver exactly what you are looking for. When you consider this, it will make it easier to find an expert with the experience, skills, equipment and technology, to deliver your vision, and they’ll likely have an impressive portfolio of past projects which enforces their skill.

3. Expecting same day delivery
Sure, anyone can turn up and shoot pictures or videos using the “spray and pray” shoot approach. If a videographer or photographer promises to deliver video and photos on the same day, beware of them. Most professional photographers and videographers shoot multiple pictures, sometimes hundreds, from different cameras, angles, positions, lighting and compositions. At LogicWorx Studios Inc., we shoot all our photos and video in high-quality RAW media with two professional-grade Canon DSLR cameras and multiple video cameras including two drones. In some cases we shoot HDR, providing the highest quality and flexibility for editing during post-production, carefully adjusting and enhancing the pictures and video, so they look stunning and surpass your expectations.

4. Not having a clear idea or vision of the end goal
We continue to be amazed at the number of clients who come to us after hiring a “cheaper” photographer or videographer, only to realize their vision was not attained. Like we have mentioned in this blog, cheap photographers and videographers are not experts, you pay for what you get. Many simply show up and shoot a bunch of random pictures (sometimes out of focus), with low-grade equipment, no experience, or portfolio, poor video composition, with bad editing and minimal to no post-production experience. Some will provide unedited photos, relying on you to finish the work, or worse, hire them to do it for more money. 

At LogicWorx Studios, we don’t shoot anything until we have met with the client and discussed the project, clearly understand what you are looking to achieve, and provide you with a detailed contract, past examples of similar projects, client testimonials and a shoot plan. All our services include full post-production editing and enhancing using the latest software technology, evident if you look at our reviews! All the photos we take are uploaded to our secure personal gallery for review and you can access the gallery by downloading our app. Through the app, you can view the photos, provide feedback, or download the ones you like for your social media, or if you wanted, you can order prints of the photos directly from our gallery.

To avoid these and other mistakes when hiring a photographer or, reach out to the experts at LogicWorx Studios Inc. We take pride in helping our clients realize their project and the results that they expect to achieve, consultations are free. Besides our creativity, quality of work, professionalism, and experience, we also leverage the latest technology and continue to expand our equipment, services and skills.

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