Frequently Asked Questions About Our Photography And Videography Services

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Whether you need high-resolution photographs for a glossy magazine or quality videos for a promotional marketing campaign, hiring an experienced professional like us can help to enhance your brand equity. However, when it comes to our photography and videography, clients have tons of questions, but they may find it tricky to get all the answers they’re seeking. To ensure you have all your doubts cleared, LogicWorx Studios Inc. wants to arm you with the most accurate information available. To do this, we’ve answered some of the most frequently asked questions about our photography and videography services.

1. Are you insured?
We have insurance for photography studio-type work with a two million dollar liability coverage. We also have a ten million dollar liability coverage as required by most cities for drone aerial photography and videography work.

2. Do you use professional equipment?
We continuously invest in new equipment for both our photography and drone aerial media work. We exclusively use Canon DSLR full-frame cameras, Canon L series lenses, and pro-grade lenses from Sigma and Tamron for photography work.

We exclusively fly DJI Drones and have recently added the new DJI Inspire 2 large cinematography drone to our fleet in preparation for some commercial work we have planned. Our Pilots are all Transport Canada Certified Advanced Commercial Drone Operators logging hundreds of flights for our aerial video production work.

Besides, our audio recording equipment is also professional-grade, from our wireless lav mics to shotgun mics, booms, and audio recording equipment supporting XLR connections and microphones. We also have a van full of equipment, including studio lighting, dollies, tripods, monopods, backdrops, and generators, depending on the project.

3. What was your most interesting project recently?
We received an inquiry through our website to provide drone aerial media services and architectural photography on a brand new executive building and manufacturing facility in Mississauga. The project required our team to be on location at sunrise to capture the exterior of the illuminated building. It was a cold morning, so we equipped our drone with its heated batteries and got to work, gliding around the property following NavCanada’s RPAS approval. We flew around the building from multiple shoot angles and positions and then took the drone inside to pass through the building, offices, and manufacturing line.

Lastly, we got asked to photograph some of the offices, boardroom, and foyer to create a short promotional video shared with their head office in Germany on social media. We produced everything and got featured in their company magazine, which goes out to twenty-seven countries. It was fun to work with the team on this project, and the client loved the finished product.

4. Are there projects or items you won’t photograph?
Photography and videography is a very competitive marketplace, and there are many great photographers and videographers in the industry. Consequently, we know where our expertise lies, so we typically refer some categories of work to colleagues in the network.

These categories include:
a. Pets
b. Children and infants
c. Portrait head-shots
d. Low volume products
e. Graduations or special family events
f. Weddings (although we provide drone services)

Our experience focuses on mid to large-size commercial projects, residential projects, and special events, including corporate events, interviews, and documentary-style productions.

If you have any more questions about our photography and videography services, get in touch with us at LogicWorx Studios Inc. As the best commercial and event photographer and videographer in Markham, ON, we provide professional freelance services to our clients. Our services include cinematography, 3D virtual tours, and promotional videos for real estate, vineyards, golf courses, and restaurants.

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