Busted! Don’t Believe These Myths About Drones!

Author: LogicWorx Studios Inc. | | Categories: Commercial Photographer, Drone Photography, Residential Photographer


We’ve all seen the beautiful aerial shots used in ads and TV shows. These shots are possible due to the advent of low-cost drones equipped with high-resolution cameras that makes taking aerial images and videos not only easy but affordable. Pictures and videos taken from the air offer a perspective that one cannot match from the ground. Moreover, these drones provide safety features, reliability, distance control, and different angles from the air.

However, with the proliferation of drones for domestic purposes, there have been several misconceptions regarding what drones are and how they might be used. Believing in this misinformation could land you in trouble with the authorities. To dismiss some of these myths, LogicWorx, has debunked three of the most widely believed myths about drones.

Myth 1: Anyone can purchase a drone
This is not true! Most consumers believe they can simply purchase a drone and offer commercial aerial photography and videography services without the need to follow the strict requirements and licensing mandated by Transport Canada.

Myth 2: An aerial drone can be operated anywhere you want
There is a lack of understanding within the general public regarding the rules that must be followed for operating a drone, whether that’s in a residential area, controlled airspace, or proximity to an airport. Inexperienced operators and ones who don’t follow the rules are the ones we often hear about and read about online and in the papers. Unfortunately, their misguided efforts also have an impact on the legitimate, insured operators in the industry.

Myth 3: You don’t need a license or permission to use a drone
Operating an RPAS (remotely piloted aircraft system) comes with rules that you must abide by. For starters, the drone has to be registered with Transport Canada, the Pilot In Command (PIC) has to hold a minimum of a basic pilot’s license to operate the drone, and for flights that are in controlled airspace, close to people or airports, have to hold an advanced operators license and successfully pass a flight review, and have adequate insurance coverage. Unfortunately, a lot of the time, people simply buy a toy drone that has a camera on it and start soliciting work in the industry without any experience, authorization, paperwork, and licensing. This mistake can be very costly for the person flying the drone and the person or company that hired them, with significant fines and possible jail time.

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