What You Need To Know Before Choosing A Career As A Photographer And Commercial Drone Operator

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If you have a passion for aviation and photography, a career as a commercial drone operator and photographer could be the perfect choice for you. Taking up a profession in these fields bringing amazing experiences into one solution. While drone piloting is a rapidly expanding vocation, incorporating drones into photography is worth it as it can take your photography to new heights.

Moreover, the profession of aerial photography is not only promising but versatile as it can play a larger role in many industries. It will expand your creative possibilities and allow you to work on new projects which were previously out of reach.

To help you get started with your career in drones and photography, the experts at LogicWorx have explained what you need to know before choosing a career as a photographer and commercial drone operator.

1. Professional skills
We like to believe that all of us have the ability and skill set to be great photographers. With the advances in mobile technology, most individuals can take a decent picture, but as a professional, you’ll need to pay attention to detail and possess creativity and style to capture that perfect shot. While there are universities and college programs to learn photography, it’s not a mandate. You don’t have to go to school to learn photography. We have met some amazing photographers who simply finished high school and joined the photography profession.

On the flip side, to be a drone operator like we are, that’s a whole different ball game. It requires attending online classes, workshops, exams, and flight reviews to get certified to put a drone in the air for commercial or residential applications. However, there is a high failure rate for getting the “advanced” designation. At LogicWorx Studios, our drone operators hold the “advanced rating,” allowing us to fly in controlled airspaces and over people for special events.

2. Agility
The most vital skill you will need as a professional is agility. That is the ability to think on your feet and quickly adapt to the situation in a calm, controlled manner. This applies primarily to our drone operations, as you will be flying in the air, and the weather and climate can change. For your photography work, you will need to focus on attention to detail, quality, and what your client is looking for.

Pros and cons of choosing a career as a photographer and commercial drone operator
As one of the fastest-growing segments in this industry, aerial drone photography now presents countless opportunities. As a photography expert, you also get the freedom to set your own schedule, be creative and work outside and inside.

What we love about this industry is the opportunity to meet a client for the first time, discuss their project, and come up with a plan that includes all the shots, scenes, and finished media for the project. We really get a kick out of seeing the look on our clients’ faces when we show them the finished product.

For more details on how to become a photographer and commercial drone operator, reach out to LogicWorx. We are leading commercial and event photographers and videographers in Markham, ON, and we provide professional freelance services to our clients. Our services include cinematography, 3D virtual tours, and promotional videos for real estate, vineyards, golf courses, and restaurants.

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