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  • 360 Degree Video
    The landing gear on the DJI Inspire retracts during takeoff to allow for full 360 degree unobstructed view of the data you want to capture, independent of the direction you we are traveling. All images and are captured in full 4K UHD, 2K and 1080P
  • Configurable Payload
    The stabilized gimbal allows Inspire to capture video without any shake or movement, regardless of what the aircraft or weather is doing. With the quick payload disconnect, multiple camera options and configurations are available and payload, equipment swap outs can be performed in the field during project video shoots.
  • Lightweight, Intelligent and Tough
    Designed to be powerful and lightweight, the critical flight elements of the DJI Inspire are all commercial carbon fibre with multiple redundant systems on board, supporting intelligent power management and GPS positioning with high-strength GLONASS+GPS dual positioning, which delivers higher precision and faster satellite alignment.
  • Multiple Camera Payloads
    What makes the DJI Inspire unique is its ability to support multiple camera configurations and applications while in the field. This allows us to bring different lenses and setups specific to the projects we are supporting. 
    Whether we are capturing wildlife, landscapes, 3D mapping, thermal imaging or Hollywood video, our Inspire can be quickly adapted for the next video shot you need, up to and including Lossless Cinema 4K RAW Video or Thermal Imaging with 4x digital zoom.
  • Total Control
    For those projects where we require two operators, the DJI Inspire excels, allowing us to connect both a camera operator and pilot to the same project mission, combined with HDMI output live to our monitors, you can see exactly what our team are capturing in real-time.
  • Full Camera Control With Live YouTube Streaming
    During flights we can live stream video directly to YouTube allowing you to instantly share your videos and images with colleagues, team members, company website or family. Onboard, we have complete control over our camera and Live HD feed right to our screens.

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